Monday, October 03, 2011

SOAPEX at OOW 2011

Recently, I've been doing a lot with Oracle Application Express (APEX) and web services.  At Oracle OpenWorld I came across a presentation on just this topic.  Douwe Pieter van den Bos, an Oracle Ace, presented on using APEX with the Oracle SOA Suite.  I have used SOA Suite in the past, and quite like it, but recently the web services I've been using are SOAP based services that I have very little influence on.  They are not built with or deployed on the Oracle SOA Suite.

The SOAPEX presentation gave a nice overview of how to set up APEX to use web services and made the smart recommendation to build your web service references in a single application (SOAPEX) and then use the inherit/subscription model of APEX to keep things up to date.

My specific challenges have been a little more difficult, specifically in the need to consume very large and complicated web services--so complex (or possibly overly complicated) that APEX is unable to parse the wsdl.  More on this later...

Oracle 12c Database

It's definitely about the cloud at Oracle OpenWorld 2011.  In many ways Oracle has always promoted it's database in the private cloud--long before the term cloud (private or public) became popular.  At previous OpenWorlds, Larry Ellison poked fun at the cloud, noting that the notion isn't new.  Well, even Oracle must bend to the popularity of the term cloud.  I haven't yet heard an official name for the next database release, but I'm betting on Oracle 12c.