Thursday, March 05, 2009

Application Express (APEX) 3.2

We went through the upgrade to 3.2 last night and it was very smooth. We had a couple minor challenges but that is because of our unique environment.

1. We have an SSO configuration. APEX does not specify the owner of the package wwv_flow_custom_auth_sso when it generates the return link for SSO. This means that the APEX_PUBLIC_USER (or whatever user your DAD is configured to use) must have a synonym to wwv_flow_custom_auth_sso. You can also create a public synonym so long as one does not exist for another application.

2. I noticed that some of our custom stylesheets give a slightly different look with date picker items. This may be due to a change in the way APEX 3.2 generates date pickers. I'll look into it and post anything I find.

3. Apex has a new database schema. It has finally moved to APEX_030200. [ removed a comment about the version that was wrong... thanks Patrick! ]

A very easy install, really. Thanks to the APEX team once again!

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Patrick Wolf said...

Hi Anton,

I think the schema name is correct, otherwise it would be APEX 3.20 if the schema is named apex_032000. The first two digits are the major version, the next two are the minor version and the last two are the patchset.