Wednesday, March 11, 2009

APEX 3.2 Gives Error on Import - ERR-3331

Just a quick note regarding the 3.2 import process... APEX added a number of enhancements and checks during the import of an application. The downside is that these introduced some negative performance characteristics. If you are importing a medium to large size app you are likely to get either a timeout or an error message:
ERR-3331 This page was already submitted and can not be re-submitted.

Oracle has confirmed the problem and a fix is in the works. I'll update this post when the patch is available.

The good news is that the application will import anyway. After you get the error, just go back to the builder and check to make sure the import was successful.

25-Mar-2009: More good news -- the fine folks on the APEX team released patch 833890 to solve this issue. You can get the patch at


Anonymous said...

close enough to find it.. but actual patch number is: 8338990

Thanks for letting me know it was out there..

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