Monday, August 04, 2008

Advanced Configuration Training Course: Oracle Application Express (APEX)

This is just a quick note to mention that C2 Consulting has added a new module to its Oracle Application Express (APEX) course. The training class is modular, so class attendees or clients can choose which modules are taught during a particular session. The new Advanced Configurations course covers installation and configuration in a variety of environments. Some of the topics follow:

  • High Availability, RAC, HA Middle Tiers (I contributed to the Oracle white paper on this topic)
  • Configuring Apache for SSL
  • Configuring Apache Virtual Hosts
  • Using Apache 2.x as a reverse proxy
  • Using Oracle Web Cache
  • Capturing IP Address behind Firewalls, Reverse Proxies and Web Cache
  • Using Apache Rewrite Rules
  • Custom DAD configurations--passing environment variables, setting default application, etc.
  • Custom Authentication and Authorization Schemes
  • How to enable Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • How to integrate with Netegrity (Computer Associates) Siteminder (Optional)
  • How to integrate with RSA (Optional)
  • How to integrate with PKI (client-side) certificates (Optional)
If you are interested in this topic or any of the C2 courses, contact C2.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anton,

You may want to double check the hyperlink to your company's website. I think there is a typo in it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant the hyperlink in the "ABOUT ME" section of this Blog, not the one in this thread.

Anton Nielsen said...

Right you were. Thanks, I had just added that.