Friday, August 31, 2007

ASM and ORA-29701: Unable to connect to Cluster Manager

I was recently at a client. They told me that the Oracle database binaries were installed and that they wanted an ASM instance created and a couple of disk groups. Easy enough...

Every time I would try to start an ASM instance I would get this error:
ORA-29701: Unable to connect to Cluster Manager

It turns out that this machine was a clone of another machine and that the binaries weren't installed, but cloned from another machine. I don't ever do it that way, so I was at a bit of a loss. I finally found a solution. From the $ORACLE_HOME/bin directory I ran

localconfig delete
localconfig add

This took care of the problem. Hope this helps.


ra said...

Great! It absolutely solved my problem. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Or if that doesn't work check the permissions on /tmp/.oracle or /var/tmp/.oracle

Jalfling said...

I was having the same problem after cloning a virtual machine. Also changed the hostname.

Thanks for the tip.

Shaun said...

thanks, worked like a charm.
use localconfig reset

Greg said...

Hi - I tried a combination of things - was getting the error /etc/init.d/init.cssd: line 289: /tmp/oratz.26247: No such file or directory

Looking in Metalink the complete error was listed - its first suggestion was to remove any menu scripts - I did - closed and opened a new shell - everything started up as mentioned here after that.

Greg said...

By the way the Metalink document is 788121.1 and the subject is CSS Daemon Configuration Fails on /tmp/oratz.N Files

For instances using ASM in standalone (NON RAC) mode.

Samrat said...

Another possible reasons -

1. While starting pre11gR2 database in 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure environment same error can be observed -
Cause - Nodes are unpinned
Solution - To pin node(s), as root execute: $GRID_HOME/bin/crsctl pin css -n
Check - $GRID_HOME/bin/olsnodes -t -n

2. Bug 8288940

Due to unpublished bug 8288940 (fixed in, DBCA will fail if database files are located in ASM. patch 8288940 is platform independent and is available for,, and as a .jar file and needs to be applied to database home.

Please refer -,(page=KBNavigator&id=(bmDocType=REFERENCE&bmDocID=948456.1&bmDocTitle=Pre%2011.2%20Database%20Issues%20in%2011gR2%20Grid%20Infrastructure%20Environment&viewingMode=1143&from=BOOKMARK&bmDocDsrc=KB))

I faced similar error - I applied patch 8288940 to RDBMS home and it resolved problem.

Vishal said...

Thank you very much ,,,,,,,,, it works and Worked for me as well thans again :)