Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How to Enable Tracing in Oracle Forms 10g

Enable Tracing from the url by adding the following to your forms url:
&record=forms&tracegroup=0-98,100-199 (note: item 99 causes some issues, so we are skipping it here. See the Oracle documenation for a description of what is being traced for each item.)

for example

You will get a trace file in the following location:

%ORACLE_HOME%\forms\trace\forms_xxx.trc where xxx is the forms session ID.

Open dos window and do the following:


set PATH=%ORACLE_HOME%\jdk\bin;%PATH%

set CLASSPATH=%ORACLE_HOME%\jdbc\lib\classes12.zip;%ORACLE_HOME%\forms\java\frmxlate.jar

java oracle.forms.diagnostics.Xlate datafile=%ORACLE_HOME%\forms\trace\forms_xxx.trc outputfile=%ORACLE_HOME%\forms\trace\html_xxx.html outputclass=WriteOutHTML

you will get a file html_xxx.html in your %ORACLE_HOME%\forms\trace directory.