Thursday, April 12, 2007

Upgrading OEM Grid Control R1 to R3

I'll post more updates soon. If it takes a long time, you need to follow note 421053.1 to install the EMDiagKit and the the R1 to R2 Upgrade checklist (note: 401592.1) the the R2 to R3 checklist (note: 422061.1). Although the note has a link to the EMDiagKit, the link points inside the Oracle firewall--you'll need to call support to send you the file.

If your upgrade hangs on linux, that is, the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) stops on the first page while detecting OMS and Agents, you may need to follow note 343158.1. The installer will say Select Install or Upgrade but does not give you any options to select. The problem is that the OUI is not playing well with your X-Windows emulator (you're not doing this right on the box, but by exporting your display). Unfortunately, that note is not going to help you immediately if you are on Linux or Unix. You will need to get Oracle Support to send you the patch.

As you do the upgrade, the new R3 documentation has the following:

If the older Oracle Management Service was a seed installation, run the following command:

$NEW_OMS_HOME/oui/bin/ ORACLE_HOME=<OMS HOME> MODE=perform ACTION=configure COMPONENT_XML={encap_emseed.1_0_0_0_0.xml}

This is wrong. After you run this, the install log will say "encap_emseed not found". The whole upgrade process changed in the R3 documenation, and, as far as I can tell, the R2 documentation doesn't exist on the Oracle documentation site. They changed the install method to use the -noconfig option (runInstaller -noconfig) because they had a couple bugs they wanted to fix, so they "fixed" them by having you run the process manually--only they documented it wrong!

So, here is what it should be:

If the older Oracle Management Service was a seed installation, run the following command:

$NEW_OMS_HOME/oui/bin/ ORACLE_HOME=<NEW_DB_HOME> MODE=perform ACTION=configure COMPONENT_XML={encap_emseed.1_0_0_0_0.xml}

Hope this helps.

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