Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Export Portal schema and move to another db

OK, so I admit this is very esoteric, but if you ever need to move a Portal schema by using export/import (e.g., you are changing database operating system), you may run into this problem... (I'll try to put up a more comprehensive "how to" later, but thought this little issue deserved its own spot.) In the meantime, we have done a bunch of these moves. If you need some help, click on the C2 Consulting link to the right.

The solution is right in the documentation
but if you miss it, the errors are not too helpful.

You get a servlet error

Servlet Error

An unexpected servlet error was encountered.

Please check the log file for more details.

In the log file
you will see the following:

06/11/22 09:43:41 portal: [module=PortalServlet, ecid=92635952220,1] ERROR: oracle.webdb.repository.service.RepositoryServiceException: Unable to obtain Portal Repository version.

Search all through metalink and on the web and it will likely tell you that your PORTAL schema password is wrong. Well, that might be true, but once you find it isn't wrong, log in as either PORTAL, sys or system and run the following command:


Bounce everything. I'm interested in finding out if this helps anyone. If it does, leave a comment.



Wednesday, November 08, 2006

High Availability Identity Management Install (10gAS)

The installation guides tell you that you must have your load balancer resolve via dns or in the host file. The guides don't mention that if you have a metadata repository on a separate box, then the load balancer must resolve from that box as well. If it doesn't, you will get the following error in InstallActions.log:

SQL> Connected.

SQL> Creating OID entries for SSO
Error code : 1

Error message: User-Defined Exception

LDAP error : ORA-31203: DBMS_LDAP: PL/SQL - Init Failed.

ERROR: deleting application entry

Error code: 1

Error message: User-Defined Exception

ERROR: creating SSO users and groups in OID

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Oracle REPCA on a RAC Database

If you run the Oracle Metadata Repository Creation Assistant (RepCA) into a RAC Database you may find that the PORTAL_DEMO schema does not get created. You get an error saying that some things failed at the same moment that you get an installation completed successfully message. The fix is fairly easy, just remove the MR and re-install, but only indicate a single RAC node in the installer. Section 2.3.2, Step 4 of the following document mentions this: