Friday, July 28, 2006

Application Express (html db) Breadcrumbs

Here is a little bug (in 2.0 anyway).

Create a breadcrumb, b1. Create a child, b1_1. Delete the page associated with b1. The child still exists, but there is no way to edit it or delete it.

select to_char(id), * from flows_02000.wwv_menu_options
where flow_id =

find the option that you want to edit. Copy the id.

Edit a different menu option, you'll see a link like the one below:

change the final number to the id you copied.

Voila! Now you can edit your menu option and give it a new parent.

Hope this helps someone.

Oracle Advanced Queue pl/sql Subscriptions

Here is a quick pointer on Oracle Advanced Queues and pl/sql registrations. In the documenation it tells you that the queue name must be less than or equal to 30 characters for pl/sql subscriptions to work. It doesn't mention that schema.queue_name must be <= 30. But that is the case--at least in 9i. Once you get to 10g (or anyway) it is even more difficult. Same rule applies, but what they don't tell you is that in 10g it is "schema"."queue_name" must be <= 30. So really, the length of the queue name plus the length of the schema must be <= 25. This can be tricky if you do an upgrade and suddenly your plsql queue stops working.